• Solid support – their support center is located in the USA, and they have some excellent support personnel!  If you tell them what you did, they won’t ask you to make sure the unit is plugged in!  They understand you aren’t a moron – you are an IT Professional and deserve to be treated like one!   The support team is also receptive to callers telling them what is wrong and just sending out the replacement part – with very few questions asked.
  • IBM servers are equipped with Predictive Failure Analysis (PFA).  PFA notifies you that a server component requires maintenance – up to 48 hours in advance, helping to potentially eliminate unscheduled down time.  This is awesome stuff – you see a hard drive is on the verge of failing, so you can call it in, let support know you have a PFA on a hard drive – and you replace it before you experience any unplanned downtime.
  • IBM servers are equipped with Light Path technology.  When the server determines that a failure is going to occur (via PFA) or that a failure has occurred, a light will appear on the front of the server.  Without powering down the server or removing the cover, you can identify which component is experiencing the issue.  On some of the servers, there is a table of sorts – it has a light next to different items “CPU”, “Power”, “Memory”, etc…. and whichever component has failed will have the light next to it.
  • The quality of IBM servers over other brands is superior.   IBM servers experience fewer critical component failures versus other manufacturers.
  • IBM offers IBM Director free with all of its servers.  IBM Director is a management product that allows administrators to know exactly what is occurring with a server at any moment in time.  For example, IBM Director can notify administrators of a PFA and assist with the ordering of the appropriate replacement component from support.   In addition, Director allows for simplified hardware updates (firmware & BIOS) through its console.

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